Monday, September 26, 2011


I've been missing in action, lately. For those who do not know, my husband has been in the hospital for the past two weeks. Cancer has been an unwelcome visitor to our family over the past few years. It isn't selective as far as age or gender. Yes, it does seem to attack those who have used tobacco products more than those who have not, but even here, it isn't particular.

I have always believed that if you smoked, cancer would only attack the lungs, throat, or mouth, but not so. My sister's cancer (caused by smoking; per her doctors) attacked her uterus and spread to her bladder. As with many of our family members who lost their battle, my sister lost her battle in April this year. So in June, when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, all I could see was one more person I loved would leave my life.

In my husband's case, God has listened to my prayers and given us a reprieve. Ed has lost the upper right lobe of his lung, but the lymph glands were spared and the suspicious spot in his colon was diagnosed cancer free.

I am writing this from the day room at the Atlanta VA hospital. We're hoping Ed will be released today or tomorrow (Update: The doctor said at least two more days). Hopefully I can get back to my regular blog very soon. Until then, remember, Christians are very lucky... we believe in and often receive miracles.

Hugs. And may God bless you as much as he has us!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Had A Blast!

We had a blast with cozy mystery writer, Gayle Trent aka Amanda Lee. As the spotlighted  author, Gayle was gracious, informative, and fun. Our guests added a lot of commentary and questions and the time was over far too soon. Two lucky winners will receive a signed copy of Thread Reckoning and four other winners received $25.00 Amazon gift cards. 

If you were unable to get in on the chat, I apologize. We had a glitch early on, but was able to remedy it. Please check back to find out when the next chat will be. If I have enough participation, I will try to have them more often. 

Amanda Lee's newest release, Thread Reckoning, will be out September 6th. Marcy Singer, the main character in this series, runs an embroidery shop, The Seven Year Stitch, complete with Marilyn Monroe look-alike mannequin.  Marcy has more than her share of problems and often finds it necessary to turn amateur sleuth. She proves to be good at it, with a little help from her friends. 

Thanks, again, Gayle and guests for an enjoyable chat!