Sneak Peek

It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and Dian Sherrie was saying a few choice ones as she sat in her home office examining the picture in her hand. A light colored spot showed in the exact center. Of all times for my best shot to be messed up. Why now? Dian pulled her bottom lip between her teeth in consternation. Please let me be able to fix this. She brought the file up on her computer and hit the zoom button. The spot became a child’s face, just the face, suspended above the riverbank.

Large sad eyes looked directly into the camera lens. Dian got that eerie feeling, the one that makes the hair at the nape of the neck stand on end and the skin crawl along one’s spine.

This shot was one of several of the same scene so Dian used the magnifier to inspect the other pictures. None showed the face.

“Think!” She jumped at the sound of her own voice. The image must have spooked her more than she realized. Grabbing it in her slender hands, she made her way to the kitchen and a hot cup of coffee. She tossed the picture on the table and sat down, avoiding eye contact with it. She pulled a long grateful sip from the steaming mug and looked lovingly around her sunlit kitchen, hoping to clear her mind of the picture. The gleaming white cabinets had tops of cobalt blue tiles, the overhead cabinets were inset with cobalt blue etched glass, and bright red canisters sat against the cobalt blue back splash. This was her little piece of heaven where she felt comfortable, but when her glance fell upon the photo, she shivered.

She picked up the photograph and looked at it once more, absently brushing a strand of chestnut colored hair from her face. Who are you, child? I know you weren't in my view when I took this picture. I certainly would have noticed you.

She cleared her thoughts and willed herself to remember. The chair squeaked as her body relaxed. The familiar surroundings began to blend into the soft yellow of the walls and when she closed her eyes, she could almost smell the crisp mountain air as the rush of memory took her back to the previous week…

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You can find information on missing and exploited children; information on where to find help if you have a missing child; and suggestions on ways to keep your children safe at the following links:
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Child Quest International
Polly Klaas Foundation


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